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Am I Candidate For LASIK?

Take this two-minute screening test and generate your own custom report.

LASIK can be very successful when performed on the right patients, but it is not for everyone. This test can help you determine if you’re a good candidate. Here’s how it works:

  • Answer 10-12 questions about your eyes and health.
  • A personalized report is generated in your browser window.
  • It’s completely anonymous and no contact information is required.
  • By proceeding, you agree to the terms stated below.

#1. How old are you?

#2. Select your gender:

#3. Which of the following statements best reflects your primary reason for seeking LASIK surgery? (Please select only one.)

#4. Like all surgical procedures, LASIK has the risk of complications, and even complication-free procedures can result in less than 20/20 vision. Are you willing to educate yourself about those risks, accept a reasonable risk if you are an appropriate candidate, and comply with a schedule of post-surgery medications and follow-up exams?

#5. Do you have any of the following conditions? (Please select all that apply.)

#6. Are you currently taking medications, such as steroids or immunosuppressants, which can slow or prevent healing?

#7. Do you have any of the following conditions? (Please select all that apply.)

#8. What type of refractive error do you have?

#9. Do you have astigmatism?

#10. Has your vision correction -- that is, your glasses or contact lens prescription -- changed over the past year or two?



It looks like you are a suitable candidate for LASIK Surgery.
It looks like you're not a suitable candidate for LASIK Surgery.
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